Friday, June 20, 2008

Gas Savings in Mexico

You can currently save about $1.60 on regular gasoline if you travel across the border to buy gasoline in Mexico. It averages about 75 cents a liter. The quality has gotten alot better in recent years but the formulation can still be a bit more corrosive to seals over time.

Do watch out for attendants who will clip your change especially when using U.S. dollars. Try to use a self-service pump for the best deals.

Food Bargains

We all know Walmart and Costco have good deals but often the volume is overwhelming for smaller families.

In many communities there are your local 99cent stores offering food. Check your yellow pages. Here locally in my community of San Diego we have several, one off University Ave. and 60th in a smaller mall you can find canned goods, bread, even produce.

Another good place for meat is Fiesta Market on Adams Avenue and 30th. Nearby, 1 block on 30th is a small produce store offering great deals. Another great place for produce is Poncho Villas on El Cajon blvd just off the 805 freeway.